Creating construction - units issue

I want to create “construction” of a curtain wall - i.e. glass and alu profiles.
I want to use generic EPD’s only.

Units chosen as m².

Problem is that alu profiles are in m unit only - I get an error. How can I go around that?
I can see that there are product EPDs for curtain walls, so it must be possible.

I could obviously just use generic EPD material like below, but in theory I have unit limitations if I would create my own “construction”, right?

Hi Julian
The answer is, at the moment not that simple, but there could be done a couple things to fix it. One of them you mention yourself.

  1. you could draw the Curtain wall in your BIM-tool with frame and glass. In that way you will get the materials with the right units and amounts through via Speckle. Then when you select “type” in your mapping view, you will see the Curtain wall with the underlying materials.

  2. use the generic data for a Curtain wall, which is modelled like you are modelling your custom construction.

When data does not have a mass that fits the Declared Unit of the construction there are missing inputs to the calculations of dimensions. The unit limitations, you are mentioning, there will be looked into.

Hope this helps.