RTLCA 2.2 Roadmap

After our 2.1 release, we are looking into developing new features.
In the roadmap for 2.2, we will be focusing on:

Excel Export Update: Fully Compliant with Danish Standards :denmark:
Excel Export now supports compliance with Danish standards, ensuring seamless integration with local requirements.


Marking Materials as Reused :recycle:
We are adding a feature that allows users to mark materials as reused, enhancing sustainability tracking capabilities within the system.


Connecting a Project to an existing Speckle Stream :electric_plug:
Users can now connect a new project to an existing Speckle stream+

Optimized Mapping
Enhanced user experience when mapping materials without Lifetime data :green_heart:

Expect these and many more features in our next release in the end of February 2024! :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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