RTLCA 2.1 is here!

Hi @Community :wave: :seedling:

We’re thrilled to unveil Real-Time LCA Version 2.1
We have created a video showing the key features of our new release. :rocket:
RTLCA Release Version 2.1

Here is a list of what we are releasing:


  • Automapping
    Now, effortlessly map materials in your project by using Automapping. Simply choose from Most Frequent, Most Recent, or By Project.
    Instructional Video

  • Creating Owner
    We have added a Create Owner feature where you can create a new Owner directly in the Create Material view. With this feature, you can create a new owner in the material creation flow.

  • Compare Projects
    A new feature that lets you compare up to five projects based on different phases, making it easier to analyze and understand variations across stages.

  • Building Component Inventory
    Enhanced functionality in the mapping view of our Building Component Inventory. Filters have been added and you can now filter materials based on different mapping states and data sources.


  • We have reworked the data ingestion to enable it to process data from ECO Portal which currently provides 10k+ product-specific EPDs in machine-readable form.
  • New Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) data source from ØKOBAUDAT 2023-1
  • Update on ØKOBAUDAT 2021-II which fixes some issues and adds previously missing data points.
  • EPD Norway updated with new data and fixed some issues in existing data.
  • Filters have been added to the Life Cycle inventory.
  • Building types have been translated into English.
  • Now managing users can be done directly from the Project Card on the Project Overview page.
  • Searches in Library and Projects now encourage users to create missing Projects, Material, or Constructions, if the search results yield no matches.

Bug Fixes

  • We’ve made substantial progress in enhancing the Speckle connection. Our platform now fully supports the 2.17 Speckle version.
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to receive a warning after creating a material.
  • Fixed a bug that caused structural foundations, ramps & railings not to display.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing project edits with 2023 start dates.
  • Resolved the spinning button issue during predefined material creation with PDFs.
  • Resolved unsupported media type issue during Excel uploading.
  • Resolved issue: No owners found when searching in Create Material
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