Missing ability to have conversion formulas

I want RTLCA to automate conversion of units.
In the example below I have 36 pieces of M10x21 doors (i.e. 2,1m² of doors).
After adding generic EPD, I must convert pieces to m² myself, because generic EPD is based on m².
I have suggestion:

  1. Best case - RTLCA could evt. find m² from Revit quantities.
  2. Ok case - I write formula (m² = pieces * 2,1m²), so RTLCA calculates self next time quantities are updated.

Hey Julian,

I have forwarded this to the development team know about your request to automate unit conversion in RTLCA. It’s a great idea to streamline this process and improve efficiency for users!

Thank you and if you have any other suggestions or ideas for improving RTLCA, feel free to share them! :wink:

Best regards,