Mass issue for Tabel 7 materials

I can see that mass is not right for Smedestål from Tabel 7.
It is supposed to be ca. 7850kg/m³.
Tabel 7 says “Massefaktor” 1 kg per declared unit, so, it would be 1kg/kg.
But I need RTLCA automatically to convert my model quantities (often coming in m³) to kg, therefore I suggest you update it to 7850kg/m³.
Please check other materials from Tabel 7 that have declared unit 1 kg. It is probably the same issue.

Hi @Julian3000

This has been fixed now.
Thanks making us aware of this and sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused.


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How do I make RTLCA to “reset/update” material kg quantities after this fix?
In example below, the cubic meters is the right quantity, while kg quantity is RTLCA conversion with old/bad mass properties.

Try to remap the material by drag dropping it again.

@martinromby Does not help.

Okay, thanks @Julian3000
I will come back to you when I have talked to the developer team.