Heterogeneous layer (inhomogent lag)

What is the best practice for heterogeneous layers, like light-gauge steel profiles?
I have material layer quantities from Revit, but the steel profile is only a small part of it. I would need to calculate myself on the side how much steel is in 1m2 of that layer, then find it’s percentage so I can apply to my Revit quantities. Is this the right process as of today?
It would be nice to specify in RTLCA a percentage formula, so next time I update my Revit quantities, it would apply automatically.

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For creating and calculating the inhomogeneous layers in Real-Time LCA we have made it possible to create and use constructions in the mapping process.

We’ve made a video showing exactly that. :film_projector:

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Thanks @martinromby
Ok I need to make “construction” first in the “Library”.

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