Changelog: Updated UI and Connector videos 📽️

Greetings @Community :confetti_ball:

Here’s an overview of what we have been working on lately in week 26 & 27.
Have a good summer holiday to all of you! :sun_with_face:


  • Filter for materials and constructions based on Organizations.
    This has been requested by many and makes it possible to only show the materials or constructions made by your own organisation or Gaiup.

  • We now also support making LCA’s in Iceland, where the building regulations will be aligned with the Danish regulations in 2025. :iceland:


  • New UI in the mapping view to align with the transport mapping design.

  • Added a new an improved UI for adding types and materials in the Building Component Inventory where the user can specify the wanted unit from the beginning.

  • Improved readability on the materials and constructions icons.

  • Added many new EPD’s and welcomed EPD Hub as Data Source in the platform :raised_hands:


  • Fixed a bug where there was no results shown in the material inspect window.
  • Fixed a bug where Gutters didn’t get parsed properly.
  • Fixed a bug where stages in materials comparison didn’t align.
  • Fixed a bug regarding checking if an existing material is updated.

Additional notes