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I’ll kick things off with a quick intro!

I’m Martin, and I wear a few different hats over at Gaiup. You can call me the Co-founder and CTO. I’m proudly stationed in Silkeborg, Denmark – the self-proclaimed outdoor capital! :sweat_smile:

Before diving into all things Gaiup, I spent more than a decade in architectural studios. My main gig? Managing and developing BIM for those big, complex projects.

Currently, I’m on a mission with our awesome team to steer the ship on the platform; Real-Time LCA. Let me tell you, it’s no cakewalk when our users keep throwing amazing ideas our way!

When I’m not knee-deep in that, you’ll catch me hanging out with my family or working on a project for our award-winning, self-designed house. And when the wanderlust hits, I’m probably off exploring mountainous regions on my trusty bike(s). :man_biking:

Now, who’s up next? Don’t be shy – introduce yourself and let’s get this conversation rolling! :smile:


Hello Community! My name is Ingibjörg Anna but most people know me as Inga. I have just started as a student assistant & Community Champion at Gaiup. :metal:

I’m come from the land of fire and ice, Iceland (and yes, I’ve casually strolled past a volcano or two, no big deal). Now, I’m here in Denmark, trading in eruptions for a different kind of excitement. Who needs volcanic adventures when you can conquer Danish slopes, right? :volcano: :wink:

I moved to Denmark 2 years ago to study Architectural Technology & Construction Management at KEA. Adapting to a new country has been both exciting and challenging at the same time but it’s been a incredible experience so far. :pencil2:

Aside from being a busy student, I enjoy snowboarding on slopes far, far away from Denmark’s flatlands and road cycling along scenic roads both here in Denmark and in other countries. :mountain_biking_man:


Hi, Nabil here…

Hopeless dreamer, romantic and believer in positive energy! I live by the hypothesis - “There is never a situation, where it does not benefit to stay positive” - although sometimes that can be quite difficult.

Worked in technology companies, wounded up by conincidence in construction and have been connecting the dots in Gaiup and with Real-Time LCA (if you don´t get the reference - this speech by Steve Jobs will be the best 15 min. you spend today, maybe even this year?!

Other than start-upping, working to support the sustainability movement to succeed, family, hoops and adventuring the unknown keeps my soul warm.


Hello there!

I’m Thomas, a relatively new software engineer at Gaiup. I work with back- and frontends and devops. I live by the principle that “Talk is cheap, show me the code” – a mantra that not only drives my professional life but also drives my passion for creating impactful solutions.

By night I’m secretly a hobby musician and enjoy learning and spending time on learning instruments as well as the technical / psychological aspects of mixing sound - it’s like computer game you can never finish, there’s always new things to learn.

When I’m not inside, you will find me out biking and walking in nature or drinking coffee at the local café.

Looking forward to connecting with all of you and hopefully making the world a better place!


Hallo out there,
I’, lucky to be the non-Gaiup person to introduce myself :champagne:

I recently entered the construction industry. Before that I was the manager and artistic director of a concert venue and culture house for many years. On the side I played a lot of music, released a few records, made a fantastic jazzfestival and other cultural projects. I also got my first of 2 boys in that period.
I love well-played music and great light roasted coffee.

I’m a newly Construction architect graduate from KEA (the international line). I’ve been at the amazing architectural office of Dorte Mandrup, since my internship. Since then (during the last 1,5-2 years) I have made research projects regarding LCA models and calculation methods across Europe, testet varies LCA tools and softwares, made LCA calculation of project in the development and old projects to gain learnings. Also new construction vs. reuse, and a lot of comparison analysis of facade system, super structures, solar screens, deck systems, window frames and glasses, etc. for projects located in Denmark, Germany, France, Sweden.
I’m also into BIM because I love process optimisations and working smart instead of hard.