Filtering with multiple parameters

I think Filter function works badly, because I am unable to select multiple parameters to include in filtering. I want my results to be "filter parameter 1 OR filter parameter 2) instead of now being "filter parameter 1 AND filter parameter 2).

For example, I want to see all materials of Generic, Industry or Product EPD’s.
Selecting these 3 parameters gives me 0 results.

Additionally, I would appreciate ability to save “Filter sets”, so I can quickly change between different filtering options.

Thanks for your feedback Julian

We’re sorry to hear you’re having trouble selecting multiple parameters. We understand you’d prefer an “OR” condition instead of the current “AND” condition.

We will definitely look into improving our filtering feature. The ability to save “Filter sets” is a great idea too, and we’ll consider it for future updates. :bulb:

Again thank you, your input is important and helps us make our platform better for you and other users. :pray:

Best regards,

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