EPD database - unable to find product on RTLCA

I am unable to find Product EPD, even though it is listed on EPD Danmark database.
Is there a reason for this or just a bug?
How often is RTLCA database updated?

Very specific example:
FRØSLEV Embla® ThermoWood®
Not available on RTLCA search, but it is on epddanmark.dk

Hi Julian!

Great with the explorations on the platform, and bringing the conversation here, so others can benefit also - Thanks!

We are launching a release in the coming week that improves search, and also updates the datasets. Your expectations should be continually updated, which we are enabling for each source. Stay tuned on the coming newsletter for update and timeline. We do complementarily input validated EPD´s that are missing. So feel free to inform on these and we will input them to the library.


Hey Julian!

Thanks for your feedback!

I have added FRØSLEV Embla® ThermoWood® to our EPD library. If there are any EPD’s that you would like as to add feel free to inform us and we will act on it as soon as possible :wink:

Best Regards,

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Thanks @Inga,
what is the best way to inform you about EPD’s - is it here or an email to support@realtimelca.com ?

Hey Julian,

Both goes! but in the community here is good! :wink:

Best regards,

I have just tried using the newly added EPD and it seems like it is missing (all?) data, see screenshot:

Hey again Julian,

Seems like there was a bug with the EPD, we are sorry about that!

Now we have fixed it and this EPD is ready to be mapped :wink:

Best Regards,

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