Power BI and API

Hi there,
After I got into automapping, the next step towards a more efficient LCA calculation process for me, is a faster and better way to present the result, without using hours in excel. Therefore I have tried to make API, Postman and PowerBI do the work for me. But I don’t get that far before I got into trouble… :shushing_face:

I got this error after I typed my mail and password into the code in postman:
Error: getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND {{fronteggauthurl}}

Can you help me? Or are there anyone else who have experienced the same issue?

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The API and PowerBI Rookie

Hi @JakobKlinkwort :wave:

Welcome to your new Real-Time LCA Community - so happy to see you here! :tada:
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Really cool that you want to leverage the data in other applications!
To answer your question, the error might occur since you need to choose the production environment in the top left corner of the Postman app, before you execute the Authenticate user POST request.
It looks something like this:


This sets the urls to the production environment for the different requests in the Postman Collection.

Hope it works out for you!