Guide to Connecting to the Speckle Server

Guide to Connecting to the Speckle Server :electric_plug:

Are you experiencing issues connecting your Speckle server? Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you. Follow these steps for a seamless connection:

After activating your e-mail, you will find an e-mail titled “Connect Real-Time LCA with Revit”

  1. Check your Email: Open that e-mail and look for the Speckle URL we have provided you.

  2. Find the Speckle URL: Copy the URL provided in the email, the URL is and then open Revit.

  3. Connect to the Server: First you must connect to the server, and you can do this under the Login section by selecting “Want to set a custom Server URL”. It’s very important that you paste the exact URL provided in the email and then press GO.

  4. Log in with your Email address: After that, then you will be prompted to Login with the same email address as you have registered on Real-Time LCA along with the temporary password provided in the same e-mail.

  5. Success!: Your Revit is now connected with the Speckle Server and you can start sending your quantities from Speckle to Real-Time LCA!

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