Downloading Revit Viewer for Real-Time LCA Integration

If you’re encountering difficulties with downloading Revit to send your quantities from your 3D model to Real-Time LCA, you’re in the right place. Let me walk you through the process step by step :point_right:

You can use the Autodesk Revit trial, available from the Autodesk website to view projects for free. After the 30-day trial mode is over, Revit will run indefinitely in Revit Viewer. When Revit is in Revit Viewer, you can view files and use the Speckle connector, but you cannot print them or save any changes you have made.

How to get the Revit Viewer:

  1. Go to Autodesk Page
  • Click “Get Free Trial”
  • Sign up for a free account with no credit card required, and rest assured, you won’t be charged after the trial period
  • Fill in generic information in their flow and choose to download Revit when you get there.
  • While Revit downloads, why not enjoy a cup of coffee?
  1. Once Revit is downloaded, you’ll find a separate indication of the “Revit Viewer” application among your installed applications. Launch the Revit Viewer.

Now you can send quantities with the Speckle connector through Revit Viewer. Click Here for our how-to guide.

If you encounter any difficulties along the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to We’re here to guide you through using Revit Viewer & Speckle to send your quantities to Real-Time LCA :green_heart: