Emissions for B6 - Operational Energy Use

How are the emissions for B6 - Operational Energy Use calculated?
Mostly interested in Heat supply.
If I choose “District heating - projection 2020-2040” then interpolated values from BR18 Bilag 2 Tabel 8 are used?
According to “Year of start” in the project info?
How (or when would I be able to) can I use emission values reported by district heating company? Like it is written in BR18 §297 Stk.8.

Hi Julian

At the moment the Heat supply is only available rom BR18 Bilag 2 Tabel 8, and is calculated from the year of validation that is in the Operational Use Energy tab.

In regard to the “custom”-Heat supply, it is under development:)

Thank you for the question and I hope I clarified the matter,